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Wild Bird
Please find below a number of testimonials from satisfied customers, if you would like to contribute send us your testimonial we may include it in this section in future.

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I have started using Feathered Friends peanuts and find that nuthatches and woodpeckers love these, and it is particularly pleasing when they bring their young to the feeders. To show them how to obtain a quick and tasty meal.
Ann Markham, Shropshire.
I feed my birds Feathered Friends Wild bird seed during the summer months, this helps them during the breeding season. When they need to keep up their own energy levels, whilst feeding young. They seem to appreciate this as I am refilling my feeders daily! During the winter months and early spring, I supplement this seed with the premium mix and various sunflower seeds which provide high energy during the cold weather.
Jenny Sheppard, Suffolk.
I always wanted to attract goldfinches into my garden, and was unsuccessful with the ordinairy wild bird. However, since using Feathered Friends Nyjer seed, I can attract up to a dozen goldfinches at a time. Which is a marvellous sight to see.
Pauline Bevans, Stone Staffordshire.
I find that the Feathered Friends Premium Wild bird seed attracts a wide variety of wild birds to my feeders. Including blackbirds, chaffinches robins, bullfinches and even siskins and yellowhammers during the winter months.
Diane Pellington, Stoke on Trent.
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