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  Super Molichop – Shreddi

Super Molichop - Shreddi
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Super Molichop Shreddi is a unique blend of sugar beet shreds and other top quality fibres. It is exceptionally palatable and will tempt even the fussiest of feeders. This truly remarkable feed is relished by horses and will provide results in a matter of days.

Shreddi is the ideal choice where quiet energy and stamina are sought and the energy level of the diet needs to be safely increased without causing any adverse behaviour - fizziness, spookiness etc.

Shreddi is an excellent way to increase fibre uptake. Feeding enough fibre to the performance horse can sometimes be difficult. To maintain optimum health, condition and ultimately performance the horse must consume an adequate amount of fibre. At the very least 50% of the total diet should be fibre. Sugar beet pulp is a traditional horse feed and an excellent source of highly digestible fibre, providing slow release energy for stamina not fizz.

Shreddi is an ideal conditioning pick-me-up feed for horse in poor condition due to sickness, stress, work or old age as sugar beet shreds have a probiotic effect during digestion. This increases the beneficial flora or “good bacteria” in the hindgut leading to improved utilisation of fibre allowing the horse to obtain maximum nutrition from the feed.

Shreddi can also benefit the working stallion, growing youngstock and brood mares in the important last 3 months of pregnancy.

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