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The traditional farmyard range is manufactured to the highest specifications using top quality ingredients sourced from approved suppliers.

Wherever possible GM FREE raw materials are sourced locally. All feed is made on a “just in time” basis so it is as fresh as possible on despatch from the mill. Quality is an important issue and we are constantly striving to improve both our plant and manufacturing process. In July 1999 we became part of the UFAS Feed Assurance Scheme (Reg no 137). This scheme has been set up to provide complete traceability and quality assurance within the animal feed industry.

Traditional Mixed CornTraditional Mixed Corn

Feeding mixed corn scattered on the ground as part of a balanced diet of either pellets or mash will satisfy the bird’s instinct to scratch and peck. Traditional Mixed Corn is a mix of quality wheat and split maize. The addition of sunflower seeds and sunflower oil provides Omega 3 which will then be present in the eggs.

The extra calories that mixed corn provides are particulary beneficial during the cold winter months when the birds need to maintain a healthy body temperature in order to maintain condition.

Now available in small 5Kg bags.

Traditional Layers pellets and Mash
Traditional Layers pellets and Mash

Laying hens require a source of quality protein, energy and the essential amino acids Lysine and Methionine. Traditional Layers Pellets and Mash are nutritionally balanced feeds to provide optimum nutrition for healthy birds and egg production. Grit has been added to help maintain shell integrity.

Traditional Layers Mash is particulary suitable for ex bats that have had there beaks clipped and find it hard to grind a pellet.

Traditional Layers Mash also contains grass meal to provide Carophyll which helps to provide deep coloured, golden yolks.

Now available in small 5Kg bags.

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