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  Feed Assurance
What is Feed Assurance?
In recent years food scares such as BSE & E.Coli have been hitting the headlines, giving people a lack of confidence in food products. There is also consumer concern over the welfare of animals & the effects of modern agricultural practices & food processing practices on the environment. People therefore want to know their food is ‘safe’.

Food Safety from Field to Fork
Assured British Meat (ABM) was set up in 1998. Its main objective was to restore consumer confidence in British meat by providing safety assurance throughout every part of the meat supply chain from feed manufacturers, farmers, livestock hauliers & livestock markets. Right through to abattoirs, cutting plants, meat processors, butchers, catering suppliers & retailers. At each link in the chain ABM has set standards to ensure that everyone is working towards safely producing meat to a high quality standard.

Dollin & Morris joined the AIC Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) in 1999. The scheme is supported by ABM & is especially designed for manufacture of animal feed. UFAS give us a set of principles & guidelines to follow which guarantee safe production & supply of feed to livestock producers. It gives farmers (& other customers) the choice to feed out corn with the knowledge & reassurance that feed produced at Standon Mill is to a consistently high standard, is fully traceable and has the guarantee that we are part of the Meat Safety Assurance Chain.

What does it involve?
Once a year, or sooner if new machinery has been installed, our quality control manager looks at every point along the manufacturing process from choosing raw material suppliers, intake of raw materials, mixing on each production line, packaging, palleting, storage, order picking & delivery.

At each step of this process an assessment is made to see if there are any hazards which could effect the quality or safety of the animal feed we produce. If at any point there is a risk of a hazard occurring which would effect the product quality or safety - a control measure is put in place to stop this happening.

This process of risk assessment is called HACCP Analysis. Work procedures are then written for our employees to follow which consider the guidelines that are set by UFAS. This ensures we produce & supply safe, quality animal feed.

To ensure we are compliant with all the standards laid down in the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme an inspection is then carried out each year by an independent auditor.

The Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) guidelines cover:
  • Principles of good manufacturing
  • Design & maintenance of plants
  • Feed materials
  • Manufacturing including HACCP principle
  • Storage
  • Loading, transport & delivery
  • Quality Control
  • Complaints
  • Product recall
  • Personnel & training
  • Documentation & traceability
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